FLOWERS — Doom City

18.00 - 25.00

“Sounds like the opposite of a beautiful Monet landscape and the perfect soundtrack for a no-deal Brexit”
– The Quietus

Limited Edition Gatefold 12" LP

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1. Doom City Prologue
2. Flat Tired Chuck (view on YouTube)
3. Hot Dog Cigarette
4. Chemical Burn (view on YouTube)
5. Cedar’s Theme
6. Flammable High
7. Island View

Doom City is a concept album about a decaying, industrial, deserted, isolated place in an empty, resourceless desert. Every song is about another aspect in this city; a political leader chanting to the inhabitants, a fight in a factory, een overview over the city, the view from the island thinking about the city etc.
The city is a metaphor for the patriarchy and the binary gender system - it’s unsustainable, it’s struggling to survive, it has to perish to make place for a new way of life.

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